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All I need is a little market research and brand positioning? It’s that easy, right? A few catchy phrases and a simple story, I’ve got this! We feel it’s a bit more complicated than that. Yes, you need to understand what the data says, and having the right tone and voice for your brand is incredibly important. However, establishing that takes hard work and a deep dive into consumer insights, customer motivation, perceived value, competitive landscape…the list goes on!

We’ll navigate the laundry list with you, taking care at each step to nail it. Together, we’ll establish your brand persona, uncover industry trends, create a compelling narrative, ideate social media campaigns, manage influencers, and whatever else it takes for you to WIN at each opportunity.

“We’ll establish your brand persona and create a compelling narrative to pull your customers into a long-lasting love affair. They deserve to see the real you, hear your real story, get the real experience, and become real diehard fans.”

Megan Lozito
Chief MarComm Officer

Your customers deserve to hear your real story, get the real experience, and ultimately become real diehard fans.

So, are you ready for the deep dive? Take a gander and tell us where we can help you.

  • Market Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Target Audience Identifiation
  • Industry Trendspotting
  • Traditional & Social Media Audit
  • Brand Narrative and Messaging
  • Story Arc & Editorial Calendar
  • Influencer Strategy & Outreach
  • Content Creation – Copywriting, Photo/Video Production
  • Content Distribution & Calendar
  • Media & Social Media Outreach