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Yes, they are sometimes temperamental and a little eccentric, but damn it, creatives make things lickable! They’re nuts, but we love them. In fact, we are nothing but a bunch of crazy ass weirdos who love to help solve the unsolvable. This is what the great Nolan Bushnell said about hiring the crazy ones.

“The problem most companies have is that the crazier the ideas their creatives present, the less likely they are to endorse and promote them. Yet, when first announced, some of the best ideas that have rocked the world were greeted with cries of “That’s totally crazy!””

Yep, we’re those guys and we’re damn proud of it! So to the people who say creatives are “just” designers, we say you are wrong. We know they happen to be some of the best problem solvers. That’s why we’ve built a circus with a bunch of those guys and a couple ringleaders to help make sense of the crazy. We let ‘em loose and watch the magic happen.

"There’s a fine line between creativity and insanity. I don’t mean clinical insanity—there’s nothing good about that. But there’s a kind of functional craziness that should inhabit your creative offices, the kind that emanates from employees who are always coming up with wacky ideas, insane-sounding concepts, and off-the-wall notions."

Nolan Bushnell
Founder of Atari and Chucky Cheese, Friend of Beanstalk


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