Services Product Management


Vision to Reality: Product Strategy & Road-mapping

Product strategy and planning is key to help you zero in on your WHY. It also shapes the product and your unique value, which ultimately makes you successful.

  • Product strategy workshops
  • Competitive analysis
  • Feature & experience planning
  • Prioritization and roadmap design

Intuitive and Delightful Experiences: Product Design

As your customers move through the customer journey, they are exposed to your mission through interaction, messaging and carefully designed features. Personalization, behavior prediction and AI help ensure your customer is continuously surprised and delighted by how well you know them.

  • Customer journey – online and offline
  • Lifecycle messaging & CRM
  • UX and data architecture
  • Revenue optimization

Agile Methodology and Detailed Development Planning: Product Management

This is where the rubber meets the road. Thoughtfully breaking down each piece into manageable tasks, prioritizing properly and driving continuous communication among all team members ensures repeatable and measurable team performance.

  • Sprint planning, user story generation and product owner role
  • Management team communication & demos
  • Optimize team performance and on-time delivery

Measure, Monitor & Optimize: Product Analytics

Understanding behaviors and actions of your customers is oxygen to any product manager. This is why careful planning to instrument and measure the product brings light to the user journey that may not be well understood. A/B testing, multi-variate testing, pathing and performance tuning are all examples of allowing data to optimize the experience.

  • Data Analysis
  • Analytics preparation and planning
  • Instrumentation mapping
  • Report and dashboard design