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Customer Delight

User Experience is everything! Without the right processes and people executing, this can make or break your customers’ experience and, ultimately, your balance sheet. Fortunately for you we bring mad UX skills to the table for extreme effectiveness AND a ton of excitement and fun.

Customer Delight – Designing for customer delight is ultimately about evoking positive emotions throughout the customer journey. How do we do this? By going beyond customer expectations to deliver awesome product experiences people are dying to share with the world.

Deep Customer Empathy – We experience the world through our customer’s eyes. We discover something new that’s so surprising, it makes us think differently about our customer and our opportunity. We can clearly articulate the problem or opportunity in our customers words and free of assumed solutions.

  • Customer Insight Interviewing
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Customer Safari
  • Emotional Analogy Experiences

Go Broad to Narrow – We go broad to develop many distinct options and solutions to solve your business challenge. It’s true we have a bias for learning quickly vs. polishing new ideas. Every day we consciously let great ideas go because they don’t solve the problem or opportunity in the most delightful and effective way.

  • Brainstorming / Mind Mapping
  • 2×2 Narrowing
  • Target Mapping
  • Journey Line
  • Concept Sheet
  • Fact, Opinion, Guess (FOG) Exercise

Rapid Experiments with Customers – We experiment because we want to learn, not to prove our idea is the right one. (Learning > Being Right). We spend more time experimenting with customers than sitting in a room planning and debating. We prototype everything… solutions, problems, opportunities.

  • Story Boarding
  • Next Tool
  • Customer Feedback on Prototypes